What to expect when you call?

The MYHL offers a completely free, safe, non-judgmental and confidential short-term telephone counselling service to all Muslims in North America. If you have an issue that you want to talk to a professionally trained counsellor about, please call 1-800-550-MYHL (6945).

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When you call
1-800-550-MYHL (6945)
you’ll be greeted with a messaging service that will help connect you with the right counsellor.


You’ll be encouraged to tell the counsellor your story. Past experiences are important to help us learn, but what has happened in the past. The focus of the conversation between you and the counsellor is to hear you not judge you!


The counsellor will help you define the problem, think about what’s important and help you figure out what to do next. The counsellor will also make sure you’ve got accurate information and may encourage you to consider different strategies or points of view.


You are not alone!

What is counselling all about?

Counselling is really just a conversation between two people. MYHL counsellors care about your health and well-being. They can help you:

  • Define problems
  • Think about what’s important
  • Figure out what to do next
  • Express your feelings and needs
  • Tap into your own strengths and resources
  • Examine unhelpful habits, coping methods, self-defeating beliefs
  • Gather all the relevant facts
  • Consider different points of view
  • Work out how you can get more help and support
  • Understand how your behaviour others
  • Examine values and attitudes
  • Begin to make decisions based on what you’ve learned

The counsellor can help you make sense of what’s going on in your life and assist you identify options for making positive changes.

At the MYHL, our counsellors believe:

  •   Everyone goes through times of difficulty
  •   The problem is the problem – not the person
  •  That sometimes we need a little help to tap into our strengths
  •   People have the strengths and resources to make necessary changes in their lives
  •  They are there to help people make sense of their experiences and open up possibilities for positive change
  •   They can provide deeper understanding and more relevant support to callers because of their Islamic background and personal experience

* Sometimes, people who use MYHL think that a counsellor will tell them what to do. Counsellors are trained to know about a wide range of concerns and experiences, but every individual is unique and therefore must make their own decisions.

E-mail counselling

MYHL also offers an e-mailing counselling service. This service is based on the same principles that guide our phone counselling service.
If you are interested in e-mail counselling, please send
Your email will be sent to a confidential email box where one of our staff will forward it to the counsellor that they believe can best help you with your particular situation. You should expect a reply from the counsellor ASAP.

Please note that you don’t need to provide any personal information about yourself during any part of the process. All we need is a valid email to reply back to.